10K Tiny Celtic Cross Pendant


■ 10K Gold - This pendant and the included chain are made of 10K yellow gold, which beautifully shines under any light.
■ Celtic Cross - The Celtic cross is a standout among many traditional crosses, as it is known for its 4 flared limbs and halo that signifies oneness.
■ Celtic Knots - Celtic knots highlight the 4 limbs of this cross. Celtic knots symbolize the eternal love that Celts shared with loved ones.
■ Dimensions & Packaging - The Celtic Cross pendant spans ½” in height and 3/8” in width. It comes with an 18” yellow gold chain and is packaged in a box that is perfect for giving as a gift.


Whether it’s part of your faith or heritage, the Celtic cross is a marvelous symbol that can add meaning and elegance to your style as with this 10K Tiny Celtic Cross Pendant. This pendant beams in quality 10K yellow gold that shows off every detail of the open design of this Celtic Cross, including the intricate Celtic knots that adorn all four limbs of the cross and represent the never-ending bond of love.

An ornate halo with infinity symbols surrounds the center of this cross, representing wholeness and unification. The four limbs of the cross were used by ancient Celts to represent the four seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall, along with the four channels of spiritual knowledge: the Divine, Self, Wisdom, and Nature. Later in Irish history, the Celtic Cross was adopted as a symbol for Christ and his crucifixion to save mankind when Christianity was brought to Ireland.

This delicate pendant is approximately ½” tall and 3/8” wide, comes with an 18” 10K gold chain, and is packaged in a gift-ready box. Make this pendant a special gift for a friend or family member!