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Sterling Silver Crystal Claddagh Cross Pendant


■ The Celtic Cross and Claddagh With Chain pendant is 19 mm wide and stands 29 mm tall. It features green and white crystals and an 18” sterling silver chain.
■ Hand-crafted in Ireland, these pendants are finished to perfect and ship in a beautiful gift box that makes it perfect for that special gift-giving occasion.

■ The Celtic Cross has served as a symbol of Christ’s love since the time of St. Patrick, and before that the eternal cycle of the seasons and heavenly bodies.

■ The Claddagh is one of Ireland’s most iconic and culturally significant symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship, and even has roots dating back to ancient Rome!

■ Stock is limited, so don’t delay in ordering your Celtic Cross and Claddagh with Chain pendant asap! We don’t know when they will be available again.


This glistening silver Celtic Cross pendant is truly something special, and combines numerous Irish symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship. Sparkling white crystals adorn the arch of the Claddagh, and an emerald green stone lights up the Claddagh heart held by the two hands of timeless friendship. An elegant Celtic Knot braid pattern is woven throughout the four limbs of the cross, bringing the other symbolic elements together to create something truly special that will become a timeless keepsake and family treasure for generations to come. This pendant is made from 100% Sterling Silver and is suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain. Each pendant ships in a beautiful gift box, making it an easy choice to give to someone in your life who should know just how much you care about them.

The most noticeable feature of the pendant, the Celtic Cross, has been in use since at least the time of St. Patrick, when he first brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century AD. Not only has the Celtic Cross served as a symbol of the Christian church in Ireland, the circle at its center also has historical significance pre-dating St. Patrick, and is believed to have been used by ancient Celts for many centuries as a symbol of the eternal cycles of nature and the heavenly bodies. For our pendant, we have incorporated the Claddagh ring, which has served as a symbol of love in Ireland since the 1700s when it first began to appear in the fishing village of Claddagh in County Galway. The hands symbolize the joining of two people who share one love, or one heart, which is adorned by a simple crown signifying loyalty.

This particular Claddagh design incorporates a glimmering emerald-colored gem settled between the hands which are joined by an arch of white gemstones. Laced throughout this Celtic Cross and Claddagh design are tiny, intricately-engraved Celtic knots. In Celtic art, these endless knots of overlapping design have no definite beginning or end, marking the eternal nature of true love and perfectly filling in this cross-shaped design to finish off a piece that is instantly recognizable as a special piece of jewelry with deep connections to the history and culture of Ireland.

Some believe the Celtic knot long precedes the arrival of St. Patrick, as it was used in various artwork and pagan motifs to symbolize the interconnectedness of the three planes of existence, being mind, spirit, and body. With the arrival of Christianity, Irish monks began incorporating the design into illuminated manuscripts, cemetery headstones, and church architecture. Likewise, the Claddagh ring also has origins dating back to ancient times. In Rome, a similar hand-shaped design clasping a heart was used to mark symbolize the agreement of a pact. It has also been found on jewelry dating from the middle ages and Renaissance Europe, where it began to be used for engagements and weddings.

We are very excited to offer this special Celtic Cross and Claddagh With Chain pendant, not only because it so perfectly encapsulates numerous pieces of Ireland’s rich history and culture, but also because it will serve as the ideal accent to any outfit, for any occasion. It’s quality and timeless beauty will ensure you or the person who wears it will treasure this piece for many years.