Royal Tara

High Cross Gothic Glass Panel


■ The fantastic piece of art is crafted high quality, unique and beautiful stained glass that brings out the best of the panel
■ The panel comes in dimensions of 20 cm in height and 9.5 cm in width, adequate to be displayed in the home

■ Every excellent piece of the lovely panel comes packaged in a gift box, to save you the stress of wrapping it up as a present to friends

■ The beautiful High Cross Gothic Panel comes with a convenient hook for hanging

■ The hand-painted stained-glass panel is a product of one of Ireland’s best company’s- Royal Tara


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An essential part of the home decoration is the corporation of unique and magnificent pieces of art that adds pomp, color, and makes the living space livelier. There are a lot of differently styled and designed art pieces that you can comfortably include in your home decoration. The secret of having a unique and outstanding outcome when decorating your home is settling on exquisite, unique, and lovely pieces of art. Our High Cross Gothic Panel fits the bill for the perfect, outstanding, and majestic home decoration that brings life and color to your home.

The lovely hand-painted stained-glass window hanging from Royal Tara depicts an enduring and famous Irish symbol with bold color; the Celtic High Cross. Every aspect of the beautiful panel is a reflection of perfection, inclusive of the design and style. The marvelous High Cross Gothic Panel comes in handy as a fantastic housewarming gift to friends and family. You can add class and style to your interior home decoration by adding our gorgeous High Cross Gothic Panel, which is unique, classy, and outstanding.

Our panel comes designed in an essential and famous symbol of high significance in the Irish community- the Celtic High Cross.
Emerging in the early Middle Ages, the Celtic High Cross became widespread across many nations practicing Christianity between the 9th and 12th century. The Cross’s signature halo that majestically and uniquely stands out is believed to be a symbol of eternity, a belief that is widely held by many Irish people up to date.

The cross symbol is not only of significance in Ireland, but its popularity is widely spread across the world as a symbol of reverence, prayer, and dedication to the Christian faith. Our lovely piece of art pays homage to the deeply held Irish beliefs and tradition, the unique culture, history, and religion of the Irish people. The exceptional values and attributes give the High Cross Gothic Panel an essential place in any Christian home.

The magnificent High Cross Gothic Panel is a product of Royal Tara, one of the most established, renowned trailblazers in the fine china production industry. For years now, the company continues to set and maintain the highest standards in the manufacture of excellent bone china products. The High Cross Gothic Panel is a reflection of the continued dedication, skill, and experience of the craftsmen at the prestigious Royal Tara.