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Scottish Thistle Gothic Glass Panel


■ Stained Glass: Made of top-quality glass, this panel has just the perfect amount of translucence to allow light to shine through.
■ Scottish Thistle: The glass panel features the traditional Scottish Thistle with purple petals and a green bulb and leaves. The Scottish Thistle is the national flower of Scotland.
■ Gothic Window Shape:Making this glass panel special is that it is designed in the classic shape of gothic window: an arch that ends in a point at the top.
■ Dimensions: This glass panel measures 20 centimeters in height, which is approximately 7.8 inches, and 9.5 centimeters in width, which is approximately 3.7 inches.

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Give your home a classic Scottish touch with this Scottish Thistle gothic glass panel!

This piece is made of high-quality stained glass-like that is found in churches. Shaped like an arch that terminates in a point at the top in a gothic window shape, the panel has just the right amount of translucence to allow sunlight to shine through and create a radiant ambiance in any room. Beautifully recreated in this panel is the Scottish Thistle, the national flower of Scotland.

Legend claims that the thistle became Scotland’s official flower when a Viking invader stepped on one and let out a cry that alerted Scottish fighters to danger, helping them defeat the invaders. The Scottish Thistle stands against a beautiful blue and purple backdrop with geometric accents at the top and its name below.

Measuring 20 centimeters, or approximately 7.8 inches, in height and 9.5 centimeters (approximately 3.7 inches) in width, this glass panel makes a great addition to any home!