Royal Tara

Scotland Gothic Stained Glass Panels Set


■ Set of two stained glass decorations that will filter the light and add a unique decorative touch to your window 
■ One panel showcases a Scottish thistle design, the national flower of Scotland which stands for bravery and resilience 
■ The other panel features a Lion Rampant design, a national emblem of Scotland that stands for independence and strength 
■ The decorations in the set measure 7.8″ in height and 3.7″ in width, and are provided with a hook for easy hanging 

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Bring some light and color into your house with our beautiful set of two Scottish window hanging decorations. They are made from stained glass that was masterfully painted in the Gothic style of medieval illuminated manuscripts. Historically, stained glass was used for window decorations in churches and temples. These stained glass panels are perfect for adorning your windows and enhancing your home decor.

The first panel in the set features an intricate Scottish thistle design. This beautiful symbol stands for bravery and resilience. According to the legend, the thistle took its place as an important symbol of Scottish culture after a legendary 13th-century battle of Largs. The Norsemen tried to launch a surprise attack at night, but one of them stepped on a thistle and cried out in pain, alerting the Scottish warriors who ultimately defeated them. The other window decoration features a Lion Rampant design, which is a heraldic emblem of the Scottish monarchy. The posture of this majestic creature indicates courage and determination, and this emblem is widely believed to represent independence and strength.