Royal Tara

Rampant Lion Gothic Panel


■ Stained Glass - Made of quality glass, this panel has just the optimal amount of translucence to emit light.
■ Lion Rampant - The Lion Rampant of Scotland is the nation’s Royal Banner, which is different from the country’s national flag. The Lion Rampant was used by King William I as his battle insignia.
■ Fleur-de-Lis  - The fleur-de-lis gives this panel a distinguished feel. This motif is also seen in several places all over the world, such as the arms of the Kingdom of France.
■ Dimensions and Hook for Hanging - This glass panel measures 20 centimeters in height, which is approximately 7.8 inches. It also comes with a hook for easy hanging.


Give your home a dash of fiery Scottish pride with this Rampant Lion gothic panel! This piece is made of top-quality stained glass like that found in churches.

Shaped like an arch that terminates in a point at the top in a gothic window shape, the panel has the just the right amount of translucence to allow sunlight to pass through and create a lovely ambiance in any place. Wonderfully replicated in this panel against a yellow backdrop is the Lion Rampant, a valiant red lion in a brave stance ready for battle.

The Lion Rampant is Scotland’s Royal Banner and was selected by King William I as his battle symbol. Below the lion is his name in black lettering against a gray backdrop, and above the lion is a red fleur-de-lis, a regal motif used by royalty throughout the world. Measuring 20 centimeters, or approximately 7.8 inches, in height, this glass panel makes a great addition to any home!