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Irish Harp Gothic Panel

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■ Hand-painted stained glass makes each panel a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. No two are alike!
■ Produced by the skilled artisans at Royal Tara, you know that you are getting the very highest quality in your stained-glass panel.

■ Proudly featuring the national symbol of Ireland, our panel evokes a strong feeling of Irish pride. Paired with shamrocks and trinity knots, there is no mistaking where your heart stands.

■ Our panel comes conveniently packaged in a gift box, ready for giving as a gift (if you desire), and with a handy hook, so it’s ready for display right out of the box.

■ With bright, joyful colors, our stained-glass panel is beautiful no matter where you display it. Of course, you’ll want to place it where it can catch the light and spread cheer throughout the room!

■ Height 20cm Width 9.5cm


For a fun, colorful way to celebrate your love for all things Irish, adorn your home with our Irish Harp Gothic Panel. Inspired by Celtic artwork and illuminated manuscripts, our distinctive stained-glass panel will illuminate your home with color and sophisticated style. Our stained-glass panel is designed in Ireland by the master craftspeople at Royal Tara--known for decades as creators of high quality products like fine bone china, ceramics, and other giftware. When you display this panel in your home, you are sharing the love and dedication of Irish craftspeople as well as a stunning piece of Irish history and culture. The centerpiece of our panel proudly features a beautiful Celtic harp, in tones of red and green. The harp is accented by trinity knot and shamrock details evoking long life and good fortune. Each panel is hand-painted by highly skilled artisans, so each one is a distinctive, one-of-a-kind piece! Your purchase includes a hook for hanging, so it’s ready to go right out of the box! Measuring 20 centimeters long by 9.5 centimeters wide, our panel comes already packaged in a lovely gift box. Makes a thoughtful gift for any loved one who longs for a touch of Irish spirit! Royal Tara Royal Tara Giftware has always worked to offer the highest quality goods, with a strong emphasis on functionality, originality, and creative Celtic themes. Royal Tara began producing fine china in Galway in 1953, and now creates stunning giftware and home décor in a variety of media—from wooden wall plaques and frames to brass door knockers. Our gorgeous stained glass plaque is part of the most recent development of Royal Tara’s craftsmanship, inspired by Ireland’s ancient illuminated manuscripts and designed to bring color and sparkle to your home. Celtic Harp The Celtic harp isn’t just any musical instrument--it is the national symbol of Ireland, and the centerpiece of the country’s coat of arms. With a long history stretching back centuries, the harp has long been revered as a staple of Irish music and culture. Today, the harp is featured in many different ways as a symbol of the Irish nation, and can be found in various official uses (for example, on the Presidential Seal and on Irish Euro coins). The harp is also used by businesses and other corporations to emphasize the “Irish-ness” of the organization--notably by Guinness (which uses the harp as their company logo) and by Ryan Air (which features the harp on the tail fins of their aircraft). While it may not be as well recognized outside of the country as the shamrock, this does not stop the Celtic harp from maintaining its prominence in Ireland. Shamrocks Shamrocks evoke immediate thoughts of Ireland, and for good reason. The shamrock has been used as an Irish national symbol since the 18th century, much like the thistle is used in Scotland and the rose in England. The plant was considered sacred to the Irish Druids due to its cluster of three heart-shaped leaves. Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is said to have used the shamrock as a metaphor for the Christian holy trinity. Today, it is featured on many buildings as a decorative motif, lampposts, postcards, and postage stamps. The shamrock is also featured prominently in celebrations--it is a tradition for the Irish Taoiseach to present a Waterford crystal bowl of shamrocks to the President of the United States in the White House on St. Patrick’s day. The soldiers of the Royal Irish Regiment of the British Army not only use the shamrock as their emblem, but they also traditionally wear a sprig of shamrock on St. Patrick’s day. Our beautiful stained glass panel proudly features hand-painted shamrocks in celebration of the Irish national heritage, history, and culture.