Royal Tara

Trinity Knot Suncatcher

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Now: $14.90

■ Irish suncatcher skilfully crafted from stained glass that is sure to last and adorn your windows for years to come
■ Embellished with a Celtic Trinity knot design that represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity 
■ Measures 6.29 inches in height and will perfectly fit on a window, adding a touch of Celtic spirituality to any space
■ Comes with an easy to hang hook and makes a unique Irish gift for friends and family

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Welcome the warm sun rays in Celtic style with our Trinity Knot Suncatcher. This piece displays excellent craftsmanship as it is made with great attention to detail, from vibrant stained glass that will surely last for years to come. Stained glass is hand-painted, weather resistant, and highly durable and allows light to beautifully pass through.

Measuring 6.9 inches in height, this suncatcher will perfectly fit on any window and elevate your home. The vibrant tones of this piece will create gorgeous sun effects on surfaces around your house. This piece also comes with an easy-to-install hook so you can place it anywhere you like. What sets this suncatcher apart is its culturally-inspired design. It is embellished with a Celtic Trinity knot that represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. Each loop of the knot is meant to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, making this piece a meaningful representation of faith.

Our piece makes a special gift for anyone who wishes to celebrate the rich heritage of Ireland or a housewarming present that is guaranteed to bring joy!