Black Guinness Acid Wash Harp Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt


■ 100% Cotton: This T-shirt is crafted of cotton, a material that is incredibly comfortable due to its breathability and heat-insulating properties. 
■ Official Guinness Merchandise: Part of the Official Guinness Merchandise, this shirt is a genuine way to show off your love for a good Irish pint. 
■ Tonal Black Tee: This T-shirt comes in a sleek black color giving you limitless possibilities when it comes to pairing. 
■ Crew Neckline: Specifically tailored with comfort in mind, this shirt boasts a relaxed Crew Neck design. 
■ Perfect Gift: Our Guinness T-Shirt is the best way to impress a lover of both Irish culture and beer. 



Show off your love for Guinness in a stylish way with our Black Acid Wash Harp Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt. Made of 100% cotton, this Irish T-Shirt is not only trendy but will also keep you warm through its excellent heat insulation. Cotton is comfortable as well as breathable, providing long-lasting coziness.
Printed on the front center, The Official Guinness Harp logo is the best way to display your love of beer in a way that's loud and clear. The harp itself has always been considered a heraldic symbol of Ireland. It is a symbol of Irish pride, representing the sovereignty of Ireland in its early mythology. The white harp together with the green and orange accents refer to the colors of Ireland's flag. These colorful details are beautifully contrasted on a black background, adding a pop of boldness to the rest of the design. Black goes with everything, making this Guinness premium tee incredibly versatile.The Crew Neckline is designed to keep comfortable, providing a multitude of styling options.
Invite your way into the heart of a beer and Irish culture lover with our Black Acid Wash Harp Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt.