Brown Guinness Trademark Men's T-Shirt


■ Official Guinness merchandise, a fantastic present for enthusiasts of Irish beer

■ Made from 100% cotton knitted, soft to the touch, breathable, and stretchy

■  Designed with the authentic Guinness Trademark, celebrating the 1759 Dublin-born brand

■ Relaxed fit with a crewneck, perfect for casual outings or strolls through Irish pubs 


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Next time you enjoy a good pint of Guinness, make the experience special with our authentic Brown Guinness Trademark Men's T-Shirt! This T-shirt is part of the Official Guinness merch collection, a piece made with high-quality and respect for tradition in mind. Crafted from 100% cotton knitted, this garment is soft to the touch, breathable, and stretchy, ideal for prolonged wear. The wicking, smooth fibers of the cotton ensure you will stay comfortable and dry. The relaxed fit is great for sport events, casual outings, or nights out with friends. The crew neck makes this piece easy to layer, whether placed under a hoodie, Aran cardigan, or worn as a statement piece. Why is this T-shirt special? Let us tell you! It all lies in its original Guinness Trademark design. The logo proudly displayed on the front celebrates the Irish beer brand that was born in Dublin, in 1759. Additionally, the Guinness harp logo is a symbol inspired by ancient Irish traditions. Did you know its origins go back to the 15th Century "Brian Boru" harp? This harp is still on display today at Trinity College Dublin. This Guinness T-shirt is the perfect present for the special man in your life! It’s even better when paired with a good pint of beer!