Black Guinness 3D Harp Bottle Opener Baseball Cap


■ Made from 100% breathable cotton which ensures superior comfort and durability

■ Features a unique design with a built-in bottle opener on the bill of the cap

■ Secret Arthur Guinness signature detail on the underside of the peak

■ This one-of-a-kind Irish cap is part of the official Guinness merchandise



Does it get better than this? Not only does this black Guinness baseball cap set you up the right way for summer sun (squinting your way through an afternoon barbeque is no fun, after all), it’s also got you covered for the inevitable moment when you’re about to crack open a cold one, and, of course, there’s no bottle-opener in sight.

With this official piece of Guinness merchandise on hand - or should we say on head? - the problem is solved. Simply lift your unopened drink to the bill of your cap, hook it in just right, and snap! Take a victorious swig, and rest assured that this unique and useful hat has just rendered you the most popular person at the party.

Keeping it sleek and subtle with the traditional Guinness text and Celtic harp logo embossed in glossy black on more back, this cap is about as cool as they come. Adding to this is the surprise hiding on the underside of the peak that truly makes this piece one of a kind: there sits the iconic and elaborate signature of the one and only Arthur Guinness in deep silver, almost like a stamp of a approval from the man himself.

Helping others open their drinks a simple piece of headwear? You’re doing great.