Aran Woollen Mills

Child's Aran Cardigan


■ ProCardigan made of 100% moisture-resistant merino wool, guaranteeing warmth and comfort

■ With honeycomb, cable, and basket Aran stitches inspired by the fishermen’s sweaters

■ Knitted with a classic crewneck and practical football buttons for a versatile style option

■ A treasured Irish gift crafted in Ireland by Carraig Donn, also known as Aran Woollen Mills



Keeping your baby warm from the slithering and biting cold of the winter season is the number one priority of any parent. When your baby is warm, it ensures that they will grow up healthy from the ailments associated with the cold weather. Any parent would love to keep their baby warm, stylish, and trendy at the same time. Our Child's Aran Cardigan epitomizes every feature of the ultimate perfect winter baby clothing, for keeping your baby warm, comfortable, and smart in every aspect.

Aran sweaters are always special, but an Aran sweater hand-knit in Ireland from a specially spun Merino wool like is a treasure. The general outlook of the cardigan makes it easy to love, designed with the utmost care, dedication, and skills form the very best artisans. If you are considering buying your friends or loved ones who have a baby something thoughtful and mindful, especially during the cold season, then our Child's Aran Cardigan is a perfect choice.
The sweater is the product of one of Ireland’s oldest garments and jewelry manufacturing firm,  Aran Woollen MIlls, formerly known as Carraig Donn. The firm can claim as the top spot as the leader in the manufacture of the most exquisite and outstanding products renown not only in Ireland but across the globe. Aran Woollen MIlls  products feature unique and authentic historical Irish traditional Aran patterns. The use of the stitching patterns is a unique way for the firm to pay homage to the vast and rich Irish traditions and culture.

Our lovely cardigan features natural white wool that is organic, warm, soft, and classic Aran patterns on display include stunning honeycomb and cable stitches. The Merino wool is luxurious but also hardy, spun to stand up to wear and tear. The brown football buttons add a charming touch to this lovely cardigan.