Guinness Ireland Baseball Cap


■ The baseball cap is crafted from high-quality tweed material that offers durability, comfort, and weather resistance.The tweed not only looks stylish but also provides excellent protection.

■ The cap features the iconic Irish harp emblem and a St. James's Gate Dublin Ireland label, adding a touch of Irish heritage to your look. The harp emblem symbolizes Ireland's rich culture, while the St. James's Gate Dublin Ireland label pays homage to the historic Guinness brewery and its Irish roots.

■ Designed to fit all head sizes, thanks to its adjustable strap that ensures a comfortable and secure fit. You can easily adjust the cap to your preferred size and wear it for hours without any discomfort.

■ As official Guinness merchandise, this cap is designed and made in Ireland, ensuring its authenticity and quality. Whether you're a fan of Guinness or just appreciate high-quality merchandise, this cap is a great addition to your collection. 



This tweed baseball cap from Guinness comes with a raised logo featuring a St. James's Gate Dublin Ireland label and gold harp emblem on the front, as well as the year the brand was founded (1759!) on the back. The stylish and authentic design makes this cap the perfect accessory for any casual outfit. With a one-size-fits-all feature and an adjustable strap, this tweed cap is the perfect combination of sophistication and sportiness. Whether you are a fan of Guinness or you simply want quality headwear, this baseball cap is perfect for you. Besides, you could also make it a gift for a sporty, fashionable friend who adores Guinness!