Men's Guinness Baseball Cap


■ Irish cap, part of the official Guinness merchandise collection 
■ Made from 100% Polyester, comfortable and breathable, ideal even for daily wear 
■ Black and white design, with a 3D “Guinness” text in the front and the Guinness logo on the side 
■ Care instructions: please hand wash only 


Tall pints of Guinness can already be seen on the tables of any typical Irish pub. Guinness is closely associated with Irish culture and the way the Irish celebrate. Get this Men's Guinness Baseball Cap for yourself or the other Guinness fans in your life!
A cap is a casual accessory that can be easily worn and combined with various outfits. It is ideal for daily wear or sportive activities.
The design comes in a black-and-white palette. The cap has 3D “Guinness” text on the front and the Guinness logo on the side. The logo is easily recognizable, being a staple of the brand. It represents an Irish harp, one of the oldest symbols of Ireland. The harp dates back to the 13th century and it is said it was used to symbolize the sovereignty of Ireland in early Irish mythology.
The cap is made from 100% Polyester and it is recommended to be hand washed only, in order to keep its shape and best condition over time.