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Guinness Black Label Cap


■ Detailed Embroidery
■ 100% Cotton
■ One Size Fits All



This hat is popular with all ages and comes in one size that fits all. The stamp of Guinness quality and heritage sits like a crest in the center of the front panel. The detailed embroidery of the crest also gives it an added layer of texture.

This hat is official Guinness merchandise, which makes it the perfect gift for any beer fans. It could also make a very nice gift to yourself if you enjoy Guinness and occasionally sport a baseball cap when out and about.

Guinness merchandise is worn with pride, and it has a huge bond with its hometown of Dublin and also with the rest of the world. Guinness has entered the hearts and bellies of a worldwide community.

That cream and black design speaks of integrity determination, inspiration, and a rugged sense of pride in a brewing tradition over two centuries old! How many designs have stood the test of time as well as the one on this hat?