Guinness Patchwork Cap


■ Made from 100% Polyester, a material that is moisture-wicking and durable

■ Gorgeous patchwork style that will make you stand out from the crowd

■ Features an embroidered Guinness logo to celebrate your love for Guinness

■ Designed and made in Ireland and is part of the Official Guinness Merchandise



If you are looking for an authentic Irish accessory that also celebrates the Guinness heritage, look no further than our Guinness Patchwork Cap. This cap is crafted from 100% Polyester, a lightweight and durable material, ensuring long-lasting use. Due to its moisture-wicking qualities, our cap will keep your head dry and warm in both cold and warm seasons. The classic flat cap structure dates back to the 14th century and features a sleek body and short brim that create a timeless and elegant appearance. The 'button down' peak with a press-stud cap sewn fastening assures a secure fit. The taffeta interior lining provides great comfort as it is soft to the skin. The patchwork design ensures each cap is unique and will make you stand out from the crowd. For an extra touch of cultural significance, the cap is adorned with embroidered Guinness lettering and an Irish harp on the front, a celebration of the beloved beer brand, which dates back to 1759. This authentic Guinness cap made in Ireland is part of the Official Guinness Merchandise and would make a special gift to friends and family who enjoy Irish beer and heritage. You can pair our Guinness cap with an Irish sweater and enjoy pub parties or traditional music sessions with family and friends.