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Vintage Cap Patchwork Tweed


■ 100% Wool Vintage Patch Tweed Cap
■ 100% Viscose Taffeta Lining
■ Peak Stud Fastener
■ Hanna Hats Collection
■ Made in Ireland



Most tweed patchwork caps come in stylish but predictable earth tones, but if you’re looking for a tweed cap with bold pops of color, then this Patch Vintage Tweed Cap is the hat for you! Made of 100% wool, this hat is just as practical as it is chic, providing long-lasting warmth, comfort, and breathability that will protect your head from the harsh fall and winter winds.

While this cap exudes a classic flair with the traditional Irish flat cap shape, it also gives off modern edge with bright dashes of color in a dazzling patchwork design. This design includes exciting shades of blue, green, grey, tan, and black and white in an assortment of tweed and herringbone patterns. A snap-button detail at the front of the hat that fastens the peak to the brim allows the cap to be worn either full-bodied for a distinguished look or tapered at the front for a tapered, sleek effect.

Wear this hat with both business casual and formal outfits to look professionally sharp!