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Irish Patchwork Vintage Linen Cap


■ Handmade of 100% linen, a material that is breathable and durable
■ Taffeta lining that helps retain the shape and aids insulation
■ Peak stud fastener which can be adjusted to your preference
■ Each patchwork design is unique, which gives it an authentic touch
■ It is recommended to dry clean gently to prevent creases or wrinkling



You can never go wrong with a classic Irish flat cap. This gorgeous cap features a patchwork design, a traditional Irish pattern that everyone knows and loves. However, this is not just a classic design. Because of the fact that it is handmade, each patchwork is unique, and this makes it truly special. It is made of linen and features a taffeta lining, which makes it lightweight and breathable - perfect for wearing all year round. The peak stud fastener allows you to wear it full-bodied or sloped down, whatever you prefer that day. The cap is suitable for both men and women - anyone who can appreciate style and quality!