Hanna Hats

Eight Piece Cap Patchwork Tweed


■ Inspired by the caps worn by newspaper boys and girls in the early 20th century, this hat features an eight panel spinning wheel design, stud fastener at the crown and snap front closure
■ Each panel is made of colorful Irish and Harris tweeds in a variety of weaves for a totally unique look for every hat
■ Proudly made in Ireland by Hanna Hats, family owned and operated in County Donegal since 1924
■ NOTE: Every patchwork cap is unique based on available material and will vary from the photographs shown



The Eight Piece Irish Flat Cap in Patchwork Tweed is a true staple of Irish hat making. Originally assembled from leftover pieces of cloth to resourcefully maximize the output of every bit of base material, the patchwork cap has become a style and design icon all to itself. This unisex eight-panel design is based on the hats worn by newspaper boys and girls in the 1920s and 1930s and has been a best-seller since Hanna Hats first introduced it to their collection in the 1970s. The top is secured using a stud fastener at the crown, and the brim features a snap closure that can be worn up or down. The interior is fully lined with silky soft taffeta for comfort.

Assembled from a mix of Irish and Harris tweeds, each patchwork cap is unique to itself. When you order, you are literally getting a one-of-a-kind hat, based on which tweeds were available at the specific time of construction. And every Hanna Hat cap is proudly made by hand in Ireland. Hanna Hats is a family owned and operated company founded in 1924 in County Donegal, where they remain to this day. The company uses only the highest quality materials to ensure maximum warmth, protection, and durability, whether you’re donning their headgear to till a field or take a drive to the store.