Irish Afternoon Tea Set

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  • Each of the four Celtic-style mugs in this set is made unique by an individual design or image. Together or apart, they’re a true visual treat! 
  • The two Irish tea bag-holders included in this collection are perfect for keeping every day spills and drips at bay. Your surfaces will be cleaner than ever! 
  • The tea bags stored in this gorgeous Celtic-style keepsake tin are made from authentic (and delicious) Irish Breakfast tea leaves. 
  • The reds, blues, yellows and greens prevalent in this set’s design echo those used in many an ancient Irish manuscript, created by early Christian monks back in medieval times. 
  • Pick this charming Irish tea set up for yourself, or make it a thoughtful birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or family member!


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

This traditional, Celtic-style afternoon tea set is everything you and yours will need for the perfect, relaxing afternoon tea. This charming set features four Celtic-design mugs, one pack of authentic Irish breakfast tea bags, a delightful keepsake tin, and two neat, teapot-shaped tea bag-holders.

This set’s four, high-sided mugs are entirely unique, with each featuring a distinct marker of Irish culture on its front: there’s the Irish shamrock (considered by many to be one of the most important signifiers of Ireland and its people, having once been used by the country’s patron saint, St. Patrick, in his teaching of Christianity to the ancient Irish pagans); the Irish word for “health,” slainte, which is commonly used as a way of saying “cheers!” in the country’s modern tongue; the phrase cead mile failte, which translates to “one hundred thousand welcomes,” beautifully indicating the kind and hospitable nature that the Irish people are known for; and, last but not least, a traditional Irish blessing, which reads, “May the road rise up to meet you. May the sun be always at your back. May the rain fall soft upon your fields. And, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.” Each of these mugs is made from sturdy ceramic, with a large, well-rounded handle for maximum handling comfort.

Also perfect for heightening your teatime experience are the pair of tea bag-holders also included in this set. These small, gently-sloped pieces are as functional as they are lovely, ideal for placing your tea bag after it’s spent some time steeping in hot water to make your tea. Drips and stains to your kitchen counter or coffee table need never be an issue again! Like the mugs, these tea bag-holders are charmingly-decorated to fit in with the overall aesthetic of this package: one features a beautiful rendering of an Irish shamrock, while the other bears the traditional Irish blessing mentioned above.

Coming delightfully-stored in a labelled “Irish Breakfast Tea” tin box are 50 real Irish tea bags. Originating from one of the finest tea estates in Kenya, this blend is brisk and refreshing, and pairs perfectly with milk, sugar, or even a delicate slice of lemon. And, what’s more, once the tea bags are out, you can hold on to their storage tin, filling it once more with tea bags of your choice or using it for any other kind of kitchen element or collectible. You’ll love catching sight of it around the house!

All of these lovely products come artfully-packaged in a large, eye-catching “Irish Weave” box, making them a fantastic gifting option for any tea-lover in your life with a special place in the heart for the Emerald Isle. Like the rest of these pieces, it’s decorated with a host of traditional Celtic designs, such as the mysterious angles and twists of the Celtic knot, with many of the colors used being evocated of those found in medieval Irish illuminated manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells. These bright blues, greens, reds, and yellows are even presented on these products as if they were painted onto a traditional parchment backdrop!

A product of the Royal Tara Irish gift company, this beautiful tea set is as authentic as they come. Just like every other piece designed and created by Royal Tara, it’s as high in quality as it is in wow-factor, meaning you’re sure to be enjoying its durable mugs, tea bag-holders, tins, and gift box for many years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Pick this set up today, and bring your teatime experience to the next level!

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