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25th Anniversary Irish Plate

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  • • A perfect anniversary gift for your spouse or favorite couple as they celebrate and commemorate a quarter century of love.
  • • These 25th anniversary plates are manufactured by Belleek Pottery, one of North Ireland’s most cherished producers of fine china and tableware.
  • • Each plate we ship is hand-crafted in fine Parian China, is 22 cm in diameter, hand-painted in a beautiful off-white porcelain.
  • • The richly embossed border that lines the plate features designs that display the natural beauty of Ireland.
  • • In commemoration of celebrating a 25th anniversary, each plate features a beautifully drawn, crisp silver rim and text in glistening silver.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Celebrate your favorite couple’s (or your own) silver anniversary with this breathtaking Belleek Pottery’s 25th Anniversary Irish Plate. Living up to their standard of excellence in hand-crafted fine china, Belleek Pottery is offering our customers this exquisite hand-painted porcelain plate, one of the company’s best-selling products since the days of Queen Victoria. The queen herself was a fan of Belleek Pottery’s products, and you will be too once your wall or shelf features one of these treasured items. Centered neatly within the sparkling silver trim and beautifully embossed border, each plate features a blue wreath-accented Irish blessing:

May your mornings bring joy, and your evenings bring peace,

May your troubles grow few, as your blessings increase.

Make this heartwarming blessing the theme of your or a special friend’s anniversary with a truly authentic Irish gift from one of the country’s most prominent fine china manufacturers. For more than 160 years, Belleek Pottery’s craftsmanship has become renowned the world over among those who value fine china and specialty tableware. Since opening its doors in 1857, Belleek’s mission has been “to develop a culture of total customer care through excellence in product and service,” which makes them a perfect partner for us as we seek to offer the best gifts Ireland has to offer from some of its top brands. Belleek has kept its headquarters in the tiny fishing village of Belleek in Co. Fermanagh along the banks of the River Erne. The neo-Georgian building the company calls home is Ireland’s oldest working fine china pottery and has since become a commercial and cultural heritage landmark. Today, the company ships over 100,000 pieces of pottery annually, and we are extremely proud to offer these same products to our customers at ShamrockGift. While Belleek Pottery may have perfected the silver anniversary gift, it was the ancient Romans who started the 25th silver anniversary tradition, when a husband would present his wife with a wreath of silver. During that time and for centuries afterward, the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries were the only milestones typically celebrated by married couples, so it made sense to offer a gift shaped from a precious metal such as silver or gold. Although today we generally celebrate a wedding anniversary each year, the 25th anniversary is a major milestone and accomplishment, so it is important to have the right gift at the inevitable anniversary party or celebration. That is why this special plate is the ideal choice for couples who long for or love the Emerald Isle, and who embody the unique painted blessing on the center of the piece. We hope you’ll select this special item today before they are gone for good! And don’t forget! Each item we ship gets 100% free shipping within the U.S., guaranteed! 

Product Features We Adore

Embossed Border

Reflecting Ireland's international reputation for natural splendor

Floral Wreath Design

Soft touches of blue and silver paint surround the celebratory poem

Silver Rim and Text

For the Silver Anniversary, a silver plated rim and poem shine

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