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Baby Aran Hoodie


■ Each of our Baby Aran Hoodies are handmade from 100% pure merino wool. You will be astounded by this wonderful garment’s unmatched level of warmth, comfort, and durability (and we are sure your child will too!). This is hoodie is an absolute must have for any child’s cold weather wardrobe. 
■ The Aran stitching used in the making of our Baby Aran Hoodie is actually a time honored tradition among Irish garment manufacturers. The design first originated among the fishing communities of the Aran Islands which are nestled along the country’s harsh northwestern coast. 
■ Since 1965, Carraig Donn has stood as one of Ireland’s most prominent and well-respected brands among its many clothing manufacturers. Each item the company produces is made 100% within Ireland, by Irish craftspeople, using materials sourced in Ireland. It doesn’t get more authentic than Carraig Donn! 
■ Unlike other wool, merino is amazingly soft, so it is a great material to use in making children’s garments. They won’t complain about getting too hot or feeling itchy and scratchy as they play. Merino’s durability also ensures the hoodie will hold up to constant use throughout the fall and winter seasons. 
■ Our Baby Aran Hoodies are available in a beautiful off-white natural color, and are available in three sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months. No matter your baby’s age or build, they will look very adorable toddling around in one of these wonderfully-made hoodies.



Our delightful Baby Aran Hoodie is knitted in an iconic traditional Aran cable and diamond pattern and is hand knitted from 100% pure merino wool. The super soft, luxurious feel of this incredible little garment adds just the right amount of extra warmth for your little one. Additionally, the charming over-sized buttons and cut hood add perfect finishing touches that will keep your little one bundled up nice and cozy this fall and winter. Dress your little toddler up for church or your next family gathering and make them the talk of the party. Everyone will be impressed by the adorableness, and will be equally impressed with your fine taste in traditional Irish style. The elegant Aran stitch patterns extend the length of the garment from waist to neck, and also adorn each sleeve. The neckline is held together by two stylish oversized buttons, and the wonderfully soft hood will keep the cold wind off your little one’s head when the temperatures become too frigid.

The pure merino wool used in the making of our Baby Aran Hoodie is one of the softest materials on earth, and you will be blown away by its comfort, warmth, and durability. Even after a full season of regular use, you will be impressed by the garment’s ability to maintain its new look and feel, and your child will likely outgrow it before the sweater begins to wear out. Unlike other types of wool, merino does not become too hot and is never scratchy or uncomfortable, making it a great choice for picky children who need to feel comfortable and free as they move about and play throughout the day. The Aran stitch also adds a layer of textured comfort, as well as historical significance, to this stylish and highly functional sweater. Originating off the coast of Ireland centuries ago, the Aran stitch has become an iconic design and a proud symbol of Irish fashion. Carraig Donn, the maker of this fine piece, is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality for every hoodie the company ships, and your child will fall in love with this the moment the first slip it on. Do not delay in ordering your Baby Aran Hoodie today and get it just in time for your next family gathering or family photo shoot. You will look back many years from now and fondly remember your little one wearing this precious hoodie.