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Belleek Classic Celtic Shamrock Wall Cross

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  • Enjoy free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States with your purchase of our wonderful Belleek Classic Celtic Shamrock Wall Cross!
  • Each of our Celtic Crosses stands at 3.25” wide by 7.5” high and includes a dark green hanging cord. You’ll be able to fit this beautiful piece anywhere with ease!
  • Our Belleek Classic Celtic Shamrock Wall Crosses are handmade by Belleek Pottery, Ireland’s oldest and most renowned manufacturer of giftware and fine china.
  • The Celtic cross and shamrock are two incredibly important symbols of Irish history and culture, and together they make a truly powerful and special impression.
  • 16 individual craftsmen put a unique touch to each of our Celtic Crosses, meaning no two are truly alike. Own your very own unique piece of Irish culture today!


Manufacturer: Belleek China

From Belleek Pottery’s Classic Religious Giftware Collection, our Celtic Shamrock Wall Cross is a beautiful and wonderfully symbolic present that is sure to light up any room with a bit of Irish charm. The design is based on an ancient Irish Celtic cross design, one of Ireland’s most enduring and beloved artistic legacies, and is adorned with intricate design elements that call back to the origins of Christian art in Ireland.
Each shamrock on this intricately-made cross is hand painted by Belleek’s master artisans, adding yet another element of religious imagery to the cross. Long associated with St. Patrick, who used the charming little plant to teach pre-Christian Ireland about the holy trinity, the shamrock has become inextricably linked to the country’s national identity. For centuries, Irish men have worn the little sprigs on their hats and coats, and images of St. Patrick holding a shamrock while preaching to crowds have appeared on coins and other religious imagery. Today, the shamrock represents not only the country’s Catholic heritage, but also the splendor of Ireland’s natural verdant landscape, good fortune, and national pride.
The Celtic Cross has long served as a symbol of Ireland’s Catholic past, but it is believed by many to have roots stretching far back into ancient pagan times as well. Some believe the circle resting in the middle of the cross serves as a symbol of the sun. Our Belleek porcelain cross contains this very important circle as well, as well as exquisitely carved figures of worshippers residing in each arm of the cross. The hand painted shamrocks appearing on our cross grow upward towards the center circle, stretching delicately and spreading their green leaves at the top of each stock that dots the lower arm of the cross. Look closely and you can see more worshippers nestle safely behind the shamrocks, adding a very subtle, special touch to this piece.
The oldest fine porcelain pottery maker in Ireland, Belleek has been producing iconic, sophisticated pieces and refined china since 1849, and was a favorite of Irish and British nobility, especially by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. Belleek Pottery is the oldest china and giftware manufacturer in Ireland, and has continually operated out of its headquarters along the River Erne in Co. Fermanagh for more than 160 years. Each handmade item born at its pottery factory passes through the hands of 16 specially trained artisans who each add their own unique touch to every piece created. The methods of manufacture at Belleek have changed little over the centuries, and the company is dedicated to honoring Ireland’s history, and the generations of craftsmen who have filled Belleek’s ranks for nearly two centuries. It’s so important for us to have the opportunity to offer Belleek products, as they are rare historical monuments to Ireland’s history and culture, and of course the quality of their manufacture is unprecedented. You will love any Belleek piece you choose to add to your collection, and our special Celtic Shamrock Wall Cross is no exception.
We are absolutely thrilled to offer our Belleek Classic Celtic Shamrock Wall Cross, and we are positive you’ll love it the moment you lift it out of the box after it arrives at your home. Not only is this your opportunity to own a hand-made, delicately crafted piece of Irish history and culture, our wall cross serves as a special item that will add the perfect finishing touch to any home, office, classroom, or space in need of a little Irish charm. And if you aren’t going to gift yourself with one of our beautiful crosses, these make the perfect birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift (or any occasion, really!) for the proud Irish person in your life. And with free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, you’ll receive your new cross just in time to give it to that special someone. Do not delay in ordering yours today!

Product Features We Adore

Hand-Painted Shamrock

Every clover is different and each brush stroke is unique

Celtic Cross Design

One of Ireland's most famous symbols with fine ceramic detailing in ancient motifs

Parian China

Designed to give the appearance of marble sculpture

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