Royal Tara

Claddagh Ring Hanging Ornament


■ Bronze Plated - The bronze-plated finish of this ornament gives it a radiant glow that brings out the symbolic beauty of the Claddagh.
■ Claddagh, Trinity Knot, and Celtic Knots - The Claddagh first appeared in the Claddagh Village of Galway, Ireland over 400 years ago. The gloved hands joining together represent friendship, the heart the hands hold signifies love, and the crown atop the heart represents loyalty. A Trinity Knot symbolizing the number three sits inside the heart, and Celtic knots representing eternal love adorn the arch connecting the hands.
■ Green Ribbon - This ornament comes with a vibrant green ribbon that makes it instantly ready for hanging.
■ Dimensions - This Claddagh ornament measures 4 inches in length by 4 inches in width, a perfect size for a Christmas tree display.


Share the universal message of love, loyalty, and friendship this holiday season with this Claddagh Ring Hanging Ornament! This piece shows off a bronze plated finish that gives it an elegant, earthy shine. As a miniature replica of the Irish Claddagh, this ornament shows off exquisite details: two gloved hands uniting in friendship to hold a heart of love, which is decorated with an ornate crown symbolizing loyalty.

The arch connecting the hands are adorned with Celtic Knots, which feature infinite loops that were widely used by Celts to symbolize the unending love that they shared with friends and family. In the center of the heart is a Trinity Knot that Celts used to recognize the number three in life. Finished off with a green ribbon, this 4” x 4” ornament comes ready for you to hang on your Christmas tree for a lovely display!