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Belleek Classic Claddagh Mugs (Set of 4)

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  • Our Claddagh mugs (10 oz. each) are both dishwashers safe and microwave safe, making these beautiful designs ideal for regular use.
  • Because it includes four mugs, our set makes for a perfect wedding, engagement, or housewarming gift.
  • Our mugs feature a delicate Claddagh design, which represents loyalty and love, and Celtic knots, representing eternity.
  • All Belleek products are guaranteed to be flawless after they undergo the company’s strict “16 Hands” process.
  • The delicate texture and intricate designs on our mugs ensure they will look equally lovely on any table or next to one’s collectible china.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Perfect for sharing a cuppa with your closest friends or loved ones, Belleek’s classic Claddagh mugs are an exquisite nod to Irish heritage and craftsmanship. The set of four cream colored mugs holds 10 ounces of coffee, tea, or your preferred hot beverage, and features a beveled rim to prevent spills.

The Claddagh ring is easily the most recognizable icon in Irish jewelry design, featuring a crowned heart held by two hands. Each of these has a specific meaning: the heart symbolizes love, the crown symbolizes loyalty, and the hands symbolize friendship. There are even different meanings to how each person wears their Claddagh ring.

Legend has it that the ring was designed by Richard Joyce, a man from County Galway who was captured from his home by Spanish pirates. The pirates sold him to a goldsmith who taught him his trade. During his servitude, Joyce fashioned the first Claddagh ring for the woman he’d been forced to leave behind, hoping she waited for him back in Ireland. The story is a happy one—they say that Joyce was eventually released and returned to his village to find that his sweetheart had remained faithful to him during his years of captivity. He gave her the ring he made her, and the two wed.

Jewelry makers all over Ireland took up the design, and its popularity has only grown as the years have gone by. Today, the Claddagh design adorns not only rings, but earrings, pendants, brooches, and bracelets. Neither is it limited to jewelry. Belleek offers a collection of beautifully crafted tableware prominently featuring the image, including pitchers, creamers, and bowls that pair perfectly with our set of Claddagh mugs.

To complement the featured Claddagh heart, our Belleek mugs also feature intricate woven Celtic knots, a homage to ancient Irish design and tradition. Celtic knots have been thought to symbolize the unending cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and many highly-detailed iterations of the pattern decorate Ireland’s illuminated texts, including the famous Book of Kells.

Belleek has been creating fine pottery for over 160 years, and it is Ireland’s oldest continually-operating porcelain producer. When founder John Caldwell Bloomfield took over his family’s estate in the town of Belleek, County Fermanagh, he wanted to create an industry that would bring jobs to the town after the horror and unemployment of the Famine. The soil on his estate was well-suited to producing clay, and a fine bisque porcelain called parian (named for Parian marble) had recently been invented in England. In 1863, Belleek began introducing parianware to their more utilitarian offerings, and it didn’t take long for the delicate white porcelain to become the company’s signature.

Queen Victoria herself made large orders of Belleek tableware. Today, many of the company’s first pieces are displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Though Belleek’s production has massively expanded since the company’s founding, each piece of parianware sold is made to the highest possible standards. From design through glazing, each figurine, cup, and plate passes through 16 different pairs of hands and undergoes four intense inspections. Only flawless finished pieces receive the trademark stamp.

Far from being relegated to the china cabinet or collector’s shelves, Belleek’s Claddagh collection is as useful as it is beautiful. The mugs are safe to use in the microwave and the dishwasher, making them perfect for everyday use. Large handles make for easy gripping. 

Product Features We Adore

Claddagh Motif

One of Ireland's best-known symbols of eternal love

Celtic Knot Detailing

Representing an ancient Irish design pattern known for intricate interconnectivity

Beveled Rims

A subtle, ergonomic touch to prevent spills and splatters

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