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Carraig Donn Irish Cardigan

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  • The design of the sweater combines several Aran patchworks including cable knit, diamond, and zigzag, to give it a unique final look
  • The sweater has a flap collar and button detail, to provide you with maximum comfort and warmth throughout.
  • There are a variety of colors of the sweater to pick from including chill pepper red, blue, Kiwi green, mist marl, white, and whicker. 
  • The sweater comes in a variety of sizes, for you to select a comfortable, perfect fit.
  • The sweater comes from 100% soft Merino Wool, for the ultimate comfort and warmth


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

Stand out from the crowd by trying out this stunning, gorgeous and absolute marvel- the Carraig Donn Irish Cardigan. This beautiful women Irish sweater is for people with an exquisite taste because it combines comfort, warmth, and style all into one. There are many reasons as to why this sweater is a sell-out, especially during winter and fall. The sweater's popularity is not only tied to its outstanding unique looks, but also from the fact that it was developed by one of the most renowned, acclaimed and well-established manufactures in Ireland, Carraig Donn. About Carraig Donn, Carraig Donn is a brand on its own. The company is a trailblazer when it comes to the world of fashion and trends. Carraig Donn, has, since its inception way back in 1968, been a trendsetter in the knitwear manufacturing industry, creating a niche for itself as the best in the business. The Carraig Donn design center gets its inspiration from the naturally beautiful landscape around the foothills of Croag Patrick, West of Ireland. This family-owned business has steadily over the years grown into Ireland’s largest home-based knitwear manufacturer, a brand in lifestyle and clothing. The company creatively combines the Celtic rich traditions and culture into its products, making them exquisitely unique. The company has continued its tradition of manufacturing masterpieces in its clothing ranges by the beautiful Carraig Donn Irish cardigan. Every little detail of this gorgeous sweater speaks volumes of the dedication, artwork, and precision in design taken by its manufacturer. The cardigan’s design and style The manufacturer combined several traditional Aran stitch patterns to come up with this amazing sweater. The eye-catching cable, diamond, and chevron traditional Aran stitches are crafted from 100 % soft Merino wool, adding heft and depth to the luxurious feel. This best-selling cardigan has a beautiful one-button detail overlapping the cardigan overlaps to attach inside and out. The oversized gorgeous, relaxed draped collar keeps you stylish while at the same time keeping cold at bay throughout. If you are buying from the United States, you can receive the product within three days at no extra cost. Check out this amazing sweater, a perfect gift to you or your loved ones! 

Product Features We Adore

One Button Detail

This bestselling cardigan has a nice one button detail overlapping the Cardigan overlaps to attach inside and out

Aran Patchwork Design

Combination of eye-catching cable, diamond and chevron stitches crafted from luxurious 100% Soft Merino Wool

Relaxed Draped Collar

Gorgeous and unusual oversized collar which keeps out the chill

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