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Carraig Donn Irish Cardigan

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■ Our gorgeous Irish cardigan is crafted of 100% sustainable and moisture-resistant Merino Wool for warm and comfortable wear all year round.

■ The patchwork design pays homage to Ireland’s knitting heritage featuring traditional cable, diamond, moss, basket, and zig-zag Aran stitches, inspired by the fishermen’s sweaters.

■ Knitted with a relaxed draped collar and one-button detail, our Carraig Donn Irish cardigan offers versatile layering and style options.

■ This cultural piece of clothing is made in Ireland by Carraig Donn, also known as Aran Woollen Mills, and would make a treasured Irish gift for a loved one. 


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Stand out from the crowd by wearing our gorgeous Carraig Donn Irish Cardigan that combines tradition and modernity into an exquisite piece of knitwear. This cardigan is crafted of 100% Merino Wool, a natural material that has great heat-insulating and water-repellent properties, ensuring it drives moisture away from the body in hot weather and keeps you warm during the colder months. You will stay cozy without overheating due to this material’s temperature-regulating quality and breathability. What makes this cardigan truly special is its culturally significant patchwork design that tells a story behind every Aran stitch.

Designed with a harmonious blend of traditional cable, diamond, moss, basket, and zig-zag stitches, this cardigan is a homage to the knitting traditions of Ireland. The cable stitch is a representation of the Irish fishermen’s ropes and symbolizes good luck and a wish for an abundant catch. The diamond stitch depicts the shape of the fields on which farmers lived and worked in the Aran islands and symbolizes hope for wealth, prosperity, and success. The moss stitch represents the wishes for a successful and abundant harvest.The basket stitch portrays the baskets used by fishermen to keep fish on their boats, representing the hopes of catching more fish and having success at sea.  Lastly, the beautiful zig-zag resembles the twisting paths of the islands that lead the fishermen to the Atlantic Ocean. This stitch is also known as the marriage line stitch and represents the ups and downs of married life and matrimony. These authentic Aran patterns have been interwoven into the sweaters of fishermen as omens of good fortune since the 19th century, and have remained an important part of Irish heritage ever since then.

The cardigan is knitted with a relaxed draped collar that allows various styling options: you can wear it over a shirt, or a dress and pair it with an Irish hat for a fully traditional look. With one-button detail, our Carraig Donn Irish cardigan can be worn for a variety of occasions like strolling through the countryside, going with friends to a restaurant, or enjoying a brisk autumn in the city. This lovely cardigan is manufactured in Ireland by Carraig Donn, also known as Aran Woollen Mills, a family-owned business that has steadily over the years grown into Ireland’s largest home-based knitwear manufacturer, a brand in lifestyle and clothing. Boasting exquisite craftsmanship and authenticity, this elegant cardigan would make a remarkable present for anyone willing to embrace Irish style.