Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant


■ Charming Irish Tree of Life Pendant, provided with a chain - the perfect gift from Ireland for any special occasion 
■ Crafted from 100% high-quality Sterling Silver for guaranteed long-lasting durability and a charming shine 
■ Designed around the authentic motif of the Tree of Life, a symbol from the Irish folklore 
■ Dimensions: 0.79 inches x 0.79 inches - pendant, 18 inches - chain

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Surprise a loved one with our Irish Tree of Life Pendant! This beautiful piece of jewelry is the perfect gift from Ireland.
The tree of life is considered sacred in Celtic culture. In Irish folklore, it is a symbol of growth and a philosophy for life itself. It also symbolizes the afterlife and the connection between earth and heaven. The bond and love for trees and nature are so strong that Celts believed the trees themselves were their ancestors, guardians of the Celtic Otherworld. Our pendant allows you to celebrate your heritage by displaying it in your daily style.
The pendant is made from 0.925 Sterling Silver, a high-quality type of silver that guarantees long-lasting durability. Sterling Silver also has an immaculate shine that will steal all the looks. Please store it in a dry, closed space and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture.
Our pendant comes with an 18 inches chain so it can be worn as a necklace right away!