Royal Tara

Celtic Peacock Spoon Rest


■ Ceramic: Made of ceramic, this spoon rest is durable enough to last years as a family heirloom.
■ Peacock: The peacock was a special symbol in a Celtic culture that represented immortality. Celts also believed that the eye-like patterns in the peacock’s plumage gave the bird the ability to foresee things of the future.
■ Celtic Knots: Celtic knots were popular in Celtic life, as their unending loops were used to represent the undying love that Celts had for loved ones, especially if they were far away from each other.
■ Length and Practicality: This spoon rest spans 22 centimeters in length and is practical to have at any dinner to hold serving spoons and prevent messes.


For an elegant and festive way to bring the spirit of Ireland and Celtic culture to your dining table, add this Celtic Peacock Spoon Rest to your dining décor! This spoon rest is made of ceramic that comes in a pristine white color, and it is adorned with a Celtic design that is just as meaningful as it is lovely. The wide round bowl is decorated with a colorful peacock, which Celts used to signify immortality.

Along the stem of the spoon is the word “Ireland” in Celtic lettering, and the handle is decorated with elaborate Celtic Knots that were used by the Celts to symbolize eternal love. Spanning about 20 centimeters in length, this spoon rest can be used to keep your dining table clean while entertaining in your home!