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Children's Sweater from Ireland

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  • The marvelous sweaters come in different sizes, suitable for children in the ages ranging from 1 to 10 years 
  • One incredible feature about the sweater is that it is unisex, and your child, irrespective of the gender, can comfortably wear it 
  • The design and style of the gorgeous sweater features the traditional Aran patterns, the cable, and honeycomb stitches 
  • Manufactured from 100% pure Merino wool from Ireland, which is super-soft, cozy and luxurious to wear 
  • The sweater is a product of the prestigious, well established, and Ireland’s premier garment manufacturing firm, Carraig Donn.


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

There’s nothing more adorable than seeing little children looking cozy, luxurious, warm, and polished playing in lovely sweaters, especially during the cold, chilly season. Sweaters are arguably the standard winter season garment for all genders, sexes, and ages, children not being an exception. The cardigans come in different sizes, styles, and designs, all designed for comfort and warmth. Keeping your baby warm from the biting cold helps them maintain the perfect health and for their general well-being. Our gorgeous Children’s Sweater from Ireland features everything you would wish for in that ultimate, perfect kids’ cardigan, suited for the cold weather.
If you are looking to spruce up your baby's wardrobe and look, especially during the winter season, then our Children's Sweater is a perfect choice. The lovely piece can also serve as a beautiful gift for a friend or loved one’s who just had a baby. Every feature of this cute cardigan highlights the magnificent work put into place for its production.
The beautiful Children’s Sweater is a product of one of Ireland’s oldest garment and jewelry manufacturing firms, Carraig Donn. The premier manufacturing company has, over the years, set standards in the garment manufacturing industry, specializing in winter wear. The products from the firm have distinct, authentic, and unique ancient traditional patterns from Ireland, Aran stitching. The use of the conventional Aran models pays homage to the rich and vast Irish history, guaranteeing originality and uniqueness.
This warm Merino wool piece from the prestigious Carraig Donn is from a soft and organic material that will never feel scratchy and is incredibly durable. The sweater is knit with classic Aran patterns like cable and honeycomb stitches.

Product Features We Adore

100% Soft Merino Wool

The super-soft merino wool is both exceptionally warm and elegantly soft

Classic Aran Colors

Available in both emerald green and natural white, two traditional colors

Herringbone & Cable Detail

The herringbone and cable detailing are derived from original Aran sweater patterns found for over 100 years

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