Golden Plated Green Harp Brooch


■ Beautiful Irish brooch, made in Dublin, by Solvar 
■ Classic, yet timeless accessory plated with 18k gold 
■ Size: 1.57” H x 1.02” W 
■ Care Recommendations: you can simply wipe this piece to remove dirt 


Embrace the Irish style with this charming accessory. Our Golden Plated Green Harp Brooch is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one with Irish roots. A brooch is a timeless accessory and, due to its versatility, it can be added to any outfit. This piece will surely add a touch of sophistication to your style and will allow you to cherish your heritage through your style. The brooch was made in Dublin, Ireland, by Solvar, which is a family-owned Irish company that has been crafting beautiful artisanal Irish-made jewelry in the heart of Dublin since 1941.
The design embodies the traditional motif of the Irish Harp. This musical instrument has always been considered a heraldic symbol of Ireland. The harp represents the sovereignty of Ireland in early Irish mythology.
The brooch is plated with 18K gold, having a luxurious finish. The premium quality material guarantees long-lasting durability. The care process is very easy, as this piece requires occasional cleaning. You can simply wipe with a soft cloth, in order to remove any dirt. In order to preserve its best condition, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to water.