Guinness Keyring Bottle Opener


■ Guinness Keyring Bottle Opener
■ Official Guinness Merchandise
■ Designed in Ireland



For a cool keyring that is simple yet sleek in design along with practical, you’ll love this Guinness Keyring Bottle Opener.

This keyring comes in a cool oval design with a matte black finish. At the top in the center is a circular emblem that features an illustration of a classic pint of Guinness stout with the foam layer at the top, and the word “GUINNESS” at the bottom, all in white against a black background.

Below the emblem is a bottle opener, which is perfect for opening bottles at the spur of the moment, whether you’re at a bar, party, or at home.

Guinness beer has been enjoyed not only by the Irish but also by millions of other people all over the world since 1759.

On December 31st of that year, founder Arthur Guinness signed a stupendous 9,000-year lease at St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, which is where Guinness beer is still made to this day.

Make this useful keyring a souvenir for a Guinness beer lover!