There’s nothing like a snug and warm hoodie in the winter for some relaxed and casual style. Our Guinness hoodies are made of a soft and plush poly-blend that is sure to keep you cozy. Whether you’re in the market for a new outer layer for your winter workouts or something to toss on during a cold morning with coffee and the news, these Guinness hoodies are here for it.

Official Guinness Hoodie Collection

Each comes with the trademark Guinness logo printed on the front and a front pocket to keep your hands extra warm whenever you need it. These hoodies are official Guinness merchandise, made to the same precise standards as the namesake brew itself, so you know they’ll last for years to come, providing comfort and warmth even if you don’t have a pint handy. With options available in black and forest green, our Guinness hoodies are as stylish as a perfectly poured pint of the black stuff.
Guinness Pullover Hoodie- this lovely sweatshirt with drawstring hood comes in a vibrant rich green that proudly features the Guinness harp logo along with ‘IRELAND’ below in bold white lettering.
Guinness Ladies Black Hoodie- this charming and feminine hoodie comes with Guinness Foreign Extra logo front motif that will make you stand out.
Guinness Official Men's Hoodie- add some warmth and coziness with this black hoodie with Kangaroo Pouch Pocket made in a cotton and polyester blend.

As arguably the most recognizable brand to come from Ireland, Guinness has more than two centuries of quality and success behind it. No matter where you are in the world, Guinness is a signature source of Irish pride, its logo emblazoned on Irish bars wherever you go. Wearing a Guinness hoodie is as much an advertisement for the brewery as it is for your love of all things Irish. And there isn’t a country on earth more associated with friendly banter, charm, and hospitality than Ireland. When you wear a Guinness hoodie, you signify to the world your openness and warmth, just like the beer itself.

How Did the Harp Become the Symbol of Ireland and Guinness?

The Guinness harp logo is proudly printed on each hoodie, announcing the brand like a clarion. The harp logo was first introduced in 1862 and officially trademarked in 1876. The logo is based on the Trinity College Harp, one of the three oldest Gaelic harps still in existence and likely the oldest. Since the 16th century, the harp has been a symbol of Ireland and is still today the seal of the president of Ireland. The official Irish government harp faces left, while the Guinness harp faces right, a clever inversion meant to get around the original trademark law that brought the harp into existence. Moreover, the use of the harp as a logo for a brewery, let alone any company, is one of the first instances of a brand using something other than an image of its product or factory for use as a corporate logo.

Since the beginning of its operation, Guinness has been a constant innovator of the beverage industry and the advertising industry. Initially, the company relied exclusively on word-of-mouth to promote their product. Its quality was a testament to its success, still today the number one selling beer in all of Ireland. Founded in 1759, Guinness still holds the same lease it did when Arthur Guinness signed his name to parchment all those years ago. In fact, to ensure that hundreds of generations of Irish wouldn’t go without his stout, he signed a 9,000-year lease. Though it has expanded over the years, that lease on an area of St. James’s Gate in Dublin still holds, and is where Guinness is still headquartered, providing employment and sustenance for tourists and native Irish alike. sells the largest collection of Guinness Official Merchandise anywhere in the U.S. Shop our collection of Guinness hoodies today and check out the rest of our official Guinness line of apparel and accessories for more gift-giving inspiration. Shipping is always 100 percent free and fast and never has hidden fees, so you know you’ll be getting exactly what you want when you order from our trademark Guinness collection.

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  • Guinness Pullover Hoodie G5092 Guinness Pullover Hoodie G5092 Guinness Pullover Hoodie G5092 Guinness Pullover Hoodie G5092 Guinness Pullover Hoodie G5092

    Guinness Pullover Hoodie

    Spread some Irish and Guinness charm everywhere you go with this Guinness Pullover Hoodie with Guinness Logo & Ireland Print. This sweatshirt comes in a vibrant forest green that proudly features the Guinness harp logo along with...

  • Bottle Green Crew Neck Guinness Sweater G5138 Bottle Green Crew Neck Guinness Sweater G5138 Bottle Green Crew Neck Guinness Sweater G5138 Bottle Green Crew Neck Guinness Sweater G5138 Bottle Green Crew Neck Guinness Sweater G5138

    Crew Neck Guinness Sweater

    For a simple yet refined sweater that expresses your admiration for Guinness, you’ll want to make this Bottle Green Crew Neck Guinness Sweater a staple in your wardrobe. Knit in a deep bottle green color, this sweater is chic, sophisticated, and...

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