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Ireland Tea Set


■ The set contains: canister of Loose Leaf Breakfast Tea (black tea, net weight of 40 grams), Teapot (capacity: 0.65 l) and a tea bag holder
■ Crafted from premium Bone China Porcelain
■ Exquisite traditional Celtic design, representing Irish culture through vivid illustrations


The brown leaves, chilly weather and rainy days tell a story, but the scenery would be incomplete without a cup of tea. Get to enjoy the full experience of the cold season with our Ireland Tea Set!
The set contains three select pieces: one thin of Ireland Loose Leaf Tea with a net weight of 40 grams, one Ireland TeaPot and one Ireland tea bag holder (teapot shaped), each one of them being destined to enrich your experience. The loose leaves of Irish Breakfast Tea create an invigorating cup of tea - perfect to warm you up during cold mornings. This black tea is best served with the traditional Irish fried breakfast and can be fully enjoyed served hot, with milk and sugar. The lovely canister can be kept and reused in the future.
The Tea Pot and tea bag holder are premium pieces, crafted from luxurious material, more exactly bone China, a top quality porcelain that promises durability so you can use and enjoy our products for many years!
Above extremely practical, the set is also designed with high attention to detail, displaying beautiful, specifically Irish illustrations, in charming shades of green and gold. This way, you can bring a piece of Ireland into your home or make a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, with Irish roots!