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Welsh Daffodil Mug


■ Bone China:  Made of bone china, this Welsh daffodil mug is made with prime quality and is durable.
■ Welsh Daffodil: The Welsh daffodil is the flower of the nation of Wales, which is part of the United Kingdom in Europe.
■ Celtic Knots: Complementing the amazing design on this mug are colorful Celtic knots and swirl patterns in shades of red, green, yellow, and blue.
■ Capacity: This mug can hold 325 milliliters, which is approximately 11 fluid ounces, making it excellent for a tall hot beverage!


Bring Welsh pride and lovely decor to your mug collection with this Welsh daffodil mug!

This mug boasts a striking flared silhouette with a graceful handle and is made from bone china. Decorative from top to bottom, the mug features yellow daffodils representing the Welsh daffodil, the national flower of Wales. The Welsh daffodil has a special name, “cenhinen bedr cymreig,” which means “Welsh Peter’s Leek” and is displayed on one side of the mug at the top. The phrase “the welsh daffodil” is displayed on the other side.

Beautifully framing the flowers and decorating the rest of the mug are marvelous Celtic designs that include green, red, and blue interweaving Celtic knots with accents of yellow in the background, along with blue and green swirl patterns that adorn the top and bottom of the mug. This mug has a capacity of 325 milliliters, approximately 11 fluid ounces, making it the optimal size for tea or coffee. Make this charming mug a colorfully Welsh souvenir for family and friends!