Robert Emmet Company

Medium Brass Standing Celtic Cross with IHS Center


■ This cross is crafted from brass, a material that is durable and resistant to rusting and tarnishing, giving it a stunning antique aesthetic
■ Celtic Cross design: shaped like a Celtic Cross, a symbol commonly found throughout Ireland that marks the presence of a holy place and represents the hope that Celts had
■ Sized 7.5” by 3.75”, this standing High Cross makes a great piece of decor that will grace your home with Celtic charm 
■ Coming in a gift box, this standing High Cross made by the Robert Emmet Company serves as a thoughtful Celtic present for a person of faith 

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If you are a person of faith, this Celtic cross is going to be a wonderful accessory for your home. It features a beautiful Celtic Knotwork design that represents eternity, in this case, eternal love and eternity of faith. The center of the cross is adorned with a Greek monogram symbol for Jesus - IHS, which is an abbreviation of Christ's name in Greek. The cross is made from durable brass that has a beautiful shine. Featuring 7.5″ by 3.75″ in measurements, this Celtic Cross is versatile and easy in usage. This standing Celtic Cross is a great accessory to display anywhere in your home. It comes in a gift box, which also makes it a wonderful ready-to-give gift!