Mullingar Pewter

Pewter Celtic Cross


■ Manufactured by the magnificent and prestigious Mullingar Pewter, Ireland’s leading production company of exquisite and unique handmade domestic pewter utensils.
■ The style of the Pewter Celtic Cross is practical, either Freestanding or Wall-Mountable, and you can easily install it at a designated and convenient place in your living room.

■ The product is 100% Pewter, and lead-free, making it environmentally friendly, resistance to wear and tear and is remarkably durable

■ The Celtic Cross measures approximately 8 inches, making it visible even from a distance and recognizable.

■ The hand-crafted design of the Cross is simple yet touching, bringing to fore the long-standing Irish religious traditions


The Cross is a symbolic item, especially to those that prophase the Christian faith all over the world. The iconic symbol is at the center of the Christian faith, with a lot of significance laid on the Cross. Jesus crucifixion on the Cross, and His resurrection thereafter lays the foundation of the Christian faith. Throughout Christian history, the Cross as a symbol finds its use as a reference point of faith, belief, and prayer. The Cross is arguably one of the most recognized symbols the world over, finding its place as an accessory, home décor and the Christian's places of worship. Many designers and manufacturers have turned the Cross into an excellent piece of art. One of the most outstanding crosses is the magnificent Celtic Cross. Mullingar Pewter joins the foray in the firms manufacturing crosses with their production of the Pewter Celtic Cross.

Our marvelous Pewter Celtic Cross embraces the deep Irish religious traditions and unique artistic designs. The design of the lovely piece is outstanding, touching the very core of the Christian faith while at the same time highlighting beautiful and touchy designs.

The one of a kind Pewter Celtic Cross is the perfect addition to your home, livening up your living space. The Cross also pass a message of hope, belief, and serves as a prayer. Your visitors will be spell-bound by the simplicity, beauty, and the artistic brilliance of the Cross.

Mullingar Pewter prides itself with producing this lovely piece of art. The company is one of Ireland’s leading manufacturing firm of exquisite, genuine, and unique utensils. The products from Mullingar Pewter have an intrinsic touch, combing ancient casting methods and assembly of delicate products. The items from the magnificent firm have a personal hand-finishing bit from the professional, skilled, and experienced artisans from Mullingar Pewter.

The prestigious Mullingar Pewter, in existence since 1974, continues to churn out some of the most excellent products, setting and maintaining the highest standards in their production. The products from the company are designs with three essential elements in mind; ease of storage, durability, and stunning beauty.

The Pewter Celtic Cross measures 8 inches high, hand-crafted from pure, lustrous pewter.
Whether mounted on a wall or placed freestanding, the tarnish-resistant pewter cross can adorn any room in your home with long-standing elegance. The gorgeous Pewter Celtic Cross can also serve as a beautiful and glorious gift to friends or family for any occasion. As a gift, the pewter cross comes as a thoughtful and considerate present and will impress anyone.