Royal Tara

Cross of Hope Plaque


■ The plate is bronze plated, giving it stability, durability and classy design that is easily recognizable
■ The inclusion of the Celtic Spiral and Celtic Knot design pays homage to the Irish cultures, traditions, and history 

■ The lovely plaque comes in dimensions of 21 cm in length and 13 cm in width, large enough for the perfect home display

■ The beautiful piece of art is a product of one of Ireland’s remarkable and outstanding excellent china companies, Royal Tara

■ The Irish High Cross clearly and elaborately displayed at the center of the plaque is unique and distinct


The cross symbol has a lot of significance and meaning to the people who prophase the Christian faith. In existence for over a century now, the Christian cross symbols are, in many instances, likened to Jesus' crucifixion. Today, the cross symbol is held in high esteem, revered, and respected by all Christians globally. The cross is a symbol of prayer, the focus of which is the renewal of Christians beliefs and trust to their faith.

The symbol is widely used all over the world and is one of the most easily recognizable, popular, and famous items that you can find anywhere. Over time, people have fashioned the cross into beautiful artifacts that can be displayed in the home or at the office place. Our lovely bronze-plated Cross of Hope Plaque is an piece of art that you can majestically display in your house, serving as the perfect home decoration.
Ireland features a majority of the Christian population, a factor that has propelled the popularity of the beautiful Cross of Hope Plaque. The Irish High Cross, elaborately displayed in this elegant piece, is one of the most enduring and famous symbols in Ireland.

The majestic and symbolic Irish High Cross has been around for centuries now, with the earliest records placing its first mention and use to the 9th century. The ancient Celts traditionally held celebrations and massive religious ceremonies around their local high crosses. One remarkable feature displayed atop the cross is the halo, which many believe is a symbol of eternity.

The marvelous Cross Hope Plaque is a product of the magnificent and globally renowned Royal Tara. The Royal Tara company prides itself with the production of exquisite, outstanding, and unique elegant bone china tableware and ornaments.

The lovely plaque design and style is a result of the dedicated team of skilled, professional, and highly knowledgeable team at Royal Tara.
The designers of the excellent piece embrace the use of some of the Irish culturally renowned patterns. The lovely designs include the distinct and remarkable Celtic Spirals and Celtic Knots. The purpose of beautiful designs gives the plate a deep connection to the Irish culture and vast history. By paying homage to the Irish roots, the designers have endeared the lovely piece to many Irish people.

The High Cross, beautifully created in our fantastic piece, is the center of attraction to the plaque. The marvelous plate can serve as the perfect gift for your friends or family for any occasion, as a show of gratitude, friendship, and love.