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Welsh Dragon Rope Plaque

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■ Ceramic: This plaque is made of ceramic, a quality material with great durability.
■ Welsh Dragon and Decorative Design: At the center of this plaque is the Welsh Dragon, the symbol of Wales, a nation that is part of the United Kingdom in Europe. In addition, dynamic patterns including Celtic knots and whimsical swirl patterns decorate this plaque in brilliant shades of yellow, red, blue, and green.
■ Rope: A vivid red rope beautifully frames this plaque, creating contrast, texture, and dimension.
■ Dimensions: This plaque measures 7 inches, or 17 centimeters in diameter, an excellent size for display in a home.


Make your Welsh pride known in your home with this Welsh Dragon rope plaque! This festive ceramic plaque spans 7 inches (17 centimeters) in diameter and beams from top to bottom with rich color and patterns. At the center is the fierce, red Welsh Dragon. This dragon is the symbol of Wales, located in the United Kingdom in Europe.

At the very top of the plaque is “The Welsh Dragon” in Celtic lettering, and just below the dragon is “Cymru,” which is the Welsh name for Wales. Around this dragon are intertwining blue, red, and green Celtic knots against a yellow background, and these knots are circled by green and blue swirl patterns that border the plaque.

Finished off with a red rope for hanging, this plaque makes a thoughtful housewarming gift for anyone who loves to share their love for Wales!

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