Royal Tara

Irish Stained Glass Home Blessing


■ The paintings and lettering in the beautiful panel are hand-painted by the hands of the most skillful artisans in the crafts industry
■ The lovely Irish Stained Glass Home Blessing comes with a hook for hanging either in a corner or a wall

■ The stunning beautiful panel is the product of the prestigious and magnificent Royal Tara, a pride of the Irish people

■ The design and style of the marvelous panel embraces the use of art from the Irish traditions and culture

■ The incredible Irish Stained Glass Home Blessing measures 16 cm in length and 16 cm in width

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We are all impressed by a home that that is carefully, meticulously, and beautifully arranged. Interior home décor takes in a lot of dedicated planning and skillful arrangement of items. For those that have an eye for art, the inclusion of artistic artifact is essential to have a complete home decoration. There are a lot of lovely, outstanding pieces of art that comes a long way in making a room more lively, brighter, and beautiful. Many people, especially in Ireland, have included plaques or plates in their decorations. The plaques are in many cases inscribed with an Irish blessing, passing a message of inspiration, hope, friendship or togetherness.

Our lovely Irish Stained Glass Home Blessing is the perfect addition to your home decoration. For a home décor pieces that allow you to celebrate your Celtic heritage with a classic style that pays homage to the glory of the past, our gorgeous Stained Glass Home Blessing is the ultimate fit. The stunning piece can also serve as a beautiful gift to your friends or family who will be impressed by its gorgeous beauty and stand-out features. The Irish Stained Glass Home Blessing is a beauty to behold!

The lovely piece has passed through the hands and brains of the most skilled and experienced artisans who bring out the best in the magnificent plate. The piece is a truly striking one made of hand-painted stained glass that is bursting in color with bright shades of green, red, and yellow. Entirely inscribed at the center of the marvelous piece is the touching message which reads; "God Bless our Home.” The lettering and wording on the plate are unique, stylish, and comfortable to read, standing out beautifully at any angle.

On the borders of the stunning panel are traditional Celtic and Trinity Knots that come from ancient Celtic culture and elegantly complement the painted glass, reminiscent of the stained-glass windows of churches. The artisans of the plate embraced the deep and proud Irish heritage by the inclusion of the Celtic and Trinity Knots. The link to the Irish traditions and cultures have endeared the marvelous piece to many Irish people, not only in Ireland but across Europe.

The colorful, lively, and bright panel is a product of the tremendous and reputable Irish exceptional china firm, Royal Tara. The fantastic company, located in the bustling city of Galway in Ireland, is at the forefront of producing exquisite, unique and standout excellent bone china that is suited for tables and can also serve as giftware. For over 50 years now, Royal Tara continues to set standards in the fine china production industry and is currently renown and acclaimed firm globally. Royal Tara embraces the use of the most beautiful Celtic designs in the products, casing point is the use of the Celtic and Trinity Knots clearly and magnificently displayed in our Irish Stained Glass Home Blessing. The artisans from Royal Tara have not disappointed with the production of our stunning panel.