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Irish Laughter Nostalgia Metal Sign

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  • Metal Sign 
  • Ready To Hang 
  • Irish Laughter Motto 
  • A5 size 
  • Royal Tara Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

“Irish laughter is the music of the heart.” Have you ever heard anything more accurate?

Truly, the Irish sense of humor is as distinctive as it is adored all over the world. No other people are known for being so simultaneously self-deprecating and teasing, loaded with witticisms and yet bawdy beyond belief, dark and benignly playful at once.

And the Irish, aren’t shy about showing their appreciation for a funny retort, either; they’re quick to laugh, quick to clap you on the back as if to say “good one,” and slow to move on from a joke that they deem worthy of their time.

In honor of the Irish people’s innate love of merriment, we bring to you this charming metal nostalgia sign, which is sure to raise smile and spirits no matter where it’s placed in the home, office, or classroom.

Pierced subtly through the top to allow it to be hung from a wall or door, its lightweight design and simple, crisp colors are guaranteed to draw the eye and add a pinch of Irish personality into any environment.

And coming in at a total steal for just $9.95, this decorative sign’s price tag is nothing to laugh about!

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