Charcoal Guinness Harp Knit Hat


■ Made out of 100% lightweight, soft and warm Acrylic

■ Features The Irish Harp, a heraldic Symbol of Ireland and the emblem of Guinness

■ Official Guinness Merchandise, Authentically Made in Ireland

■ Versatile and Functional Charcoal Design and One size fits all structure

■ Machine washable at a low cycle spin, can be dried using dryer but at a low temperature 


The perfect topper for any cold-weather look, this charcoal knit beanie from Guinness is a lifesaver all year around. Lightweight, warm and cozy, this acrylic knit is great at insulating, and the dark gray color is amazing too. Acrylic is known for being a soft and lightweight material. The harp embroidered on the hat has been the trademark of the famous Guinness since the middle 18th century. The harp is not only the Guinness trademark but also is considered a heraldic symbol of Ireland, a symbol of pride- it represents the sovereignty of Ireland in early Irish mythology and it appears on important documents and official papers. The chic gray base of the hat is complemented by the black border trim at the bottom of the hat that brings out the clean lines and dimension of the hat. Acrylic is a machine washable material in warm or cold water and can be dried using dryer, but set at a low temperature. This hat will look great with a leather coat or black fleece jacket!