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Samuel Lamont Cotton Tea Towel – Floral Cats

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  • Samuel Lamont 
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Approximately 48cm x 74cm 
  • Cat and Flowers Print


Manufacturer: Samuel LaMont

For any and all cat lovers, this floral cat tea towel by Samuel Lamont will add feline felicity to every kitchen.

Printed after a realistic painting of four cats lounging outdoors by a windowsill in a garden, fur and flowers abound in this classic Irish scene.

Cats have long been associated with Irish scholarly tradition, dating at least as far back as the ninth century Old Irish poem “Pangur Ban” about a scribe comparing his fixation with the word and thought to his white cat’s concentration on catching his prey.

The red and white stone of the building and the painted green window frame provide a grounded backdrop that could be anywhere from Dublin city to a humble farmhouse.

With flowers of red, yellow, pink, and purple, this colorful, 100% cotton tea towel is a vibrant way to show off the priorities of anyone in the kitchen. 

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