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One Tea Towel - Emblems - Irish Weave


■ The tea towel is made of 100% cotton, so it is machine washable, absorptive, and durable.
■ Claddagh, Shamrock, and Trinity Knot: The Claddagh symbolizes loving, loyal friendships, the shamrock is the national Irish flower, and the Trinity Knot represents the number 3.
■ Irish Harp and Celtic Cross: The Irish harp is the official emblem of Ireland, and the Celtic Cross, recognized by its flared limbs and halo signifying unity, is commonly used in Christianity
■ Dimensions: This tea towel has dimensions of 75 cm L x 50 cm W, a great size for daily kitchen use.


For a kitchen accessory that shows off the best of Irish culture, add this Irish Weave Tea Towel with Emblems to your kitchen! Made of pure cotton, this towel is durable, absorptive, and machine washable, making it perfect for everyday cooking and cleanup in the kitchen. A colorful design decorates this towel, starting with Celtic designs that include green, red, and blue interlacing Celtic knots against a yellow backdrop, along with blue and green swirl patterns that decorate the borders of the towel.

Taking center stage on this towel are 4 beloved symbols of Ireland: the Claddagh, Irish harp, shamrock with a Trinity Knot inside, and Celtic Cross. The Claddagh consists of 2 hands of friendship holding a heart of love decked with a crown of loyalty. The official Irish emblem, the Irish harp has been a cherished symbol of Ireland for ages and appears everywhere from the presidential seal to coins. The shamrock is the national Irish flower, while the Trinity Knot symbolizes the number three, which Celts revered. The Celtic Cross is recognized by its broad limbs and halo that signifies oneness.

Measuring 75 centimeters in length and 50 centimeters in width, this tea towel makes a great souvenir for lovers of Ireland!