Royal Tara

Highland Cow Scottish Tea Towel & Pot Holder


■ 100% Cotton  -This tea towel and pot holder are made of 100% cotton, so they are machine washable, absorptive, and durable.
■ Highland Cow - The centerpiece of both the pot holder and tea towel is the Highland Cow, a Scottish breed of rustic cattle with long horns and a shaggy coat.
■ Scottish Thistle - Complementing the Scottish theme of this tea towel and pot holder are Scottish thistles. The Scottish Thistle is Scotland’s national flower.
■ Dimensions - The tea towel has dimensions of 67 cm L x 45 cm W, which is approximately 26.3 inches L x 17.7 inches W. The potholder has dimensions of 22 cm L x 22 cm W, or approximately 8.7 inches L x 8.7 inches W.


Keep Scottish pride in your kitchen all year ‘round with this Highland Cow Single Tea Towel and Pot Holder. Made of pure cotton, both this tea towel and pot holder are durable, absorptive, and machine washable, making them perfect accessories for everyday kitchen tasks. A colorful design decorates this tea towel and pot holder, with vibrant green borders framing the lovely artwork on both pieces. At the center of each piece is the highland cow and its name below in the grass. The highland cow is a Scottish breed of rustic cattle recognized by its long, shaggy coat and long horns.

This breed of cow is also known for its robust temperament and ability to survive in tough climates. Adding more Scottish pride to these pieces are delicate Scottish Thistle flowers that flank the word “Scotland” and decorate the grass that the cow is standing on. The Scottish Thistle is the national flower of Scotland. The tea towel measures 26.3 inches, or 67 centimeters in length and 17.7 inches, or 45 centimeters in width. The pot holder is 8.7 inches long by 8.7 inches wide, or 22 centimeters by 22 centimeters. Make this pot holder and tea towel set a housewarming gift for anyone who is an admirer of Scotland!