Royal Tara

Welsh Emblems Single Tea Towel


■ 100% Cotton: The tea towel is made of 100% cotton, which makes it conveniently machine washable, absorptive, and durable.
■ Welsh Emblems: A variety of Welsh emblems are beautifully featured on this towel, such as the Celtic Cross, Rampant Lion, Scottish Thistle, and more.
■ Decorative Design: Wonderful designs including Celtic knots and elegant swirl patterns decorate this towel in striking hues of yellow, red, blue, and green.
■ Dimensions: This tea towel has dimensions of 75 cm L x 50 cm W.


For an everyday accessory that shows off the beautiful history of Welsh culture symbolically, add this Welsh Emblems Single Tea Towel to your kitchen! Made of 100% cotton, this towel is durable, absorptive, and machine washable, making it perfect for cooking and cleanup in the kitchen. A vivid design dresses up this towel, starting on the outside with green and blue swirl patterns along the border that surround intricate blue, green, and red Celtic knots against a yellow backdrop.

These colorful Celtic knots themselves frame individual illustrations of a variety of Welsh emblems, such as the Rampant Lion, the Celtic Cross with its signature halo, the Scottish Thistle, and the Scottish Piper. Measuring 75 centimeters in length by 50 centimeters in width, this tea towel makes a great souvenir for fans of Wales!