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Samuel Lamont Tea Towel – Irish Recipes

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  • Samuel Lamont 
  • Linen Union Linen-Cotton Blend 
  • Six Irish Recipes 
  • Shamrock Detailing


Manufacturer: Samuel LaMont

Ireland has long been known for it’s hearty comfort foods. And for anyone aspiring to become an Irish chef, this tea towel from Samuel Lamont is the ideal kitchen accessory.

This printed linen-cotton tea towel features six of Ireland’s most traditional recipes that you can proudly display anywhere in your kitchen and reference any time you want a taste of home.

The recipes here include champ, a uniquely Irish way of making mashed potatoes; soda farls, a take on soda bread baked in a round pan; potato bread, a historic breakfast supplement; Irish stew for cold nights; wheaten bread, Ireland’s healthiest loaf; and the Irish hot pot, a classic Irish stew adapted for making with fish and prepared in a casserole dish, perfect for a pescatarian alternative to the original.

The recipes are all illustrated with images of the ingredients and set amid a backdrop of shamrocks and the Irish province coat of arms.

A red border frames the towel, lending a formal design note to this beautifully-drawn guide that will brighten the kitchen and impress guests. 

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