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Set of 2 Tea Towel - Scottish Weave

Was: $25.45
Now: $16.50

■ Set includes Two Tea high quality 100% cotton made Scottish towels
■ Dazzling Celtic design, capturing the purest forms of your Scottish heritage
■ A must-have piece in every kitchen, designed to complete your tea set and impress your guests


Having guests over for a cup of tea? Maybe even a tea-party with your family and group of friends? Or is it just a chilly evening and the rainy weather puts you in the mood for a flaming hot cup of tasty tea? Then you need our Set of Two Tea Towels to complete both your experience and your tea set!
Showcase your heritage and impress all of your guests with our beautiful set, which consists of two tea towels!

A useful piece that cannot be missed from any kitchen, our towels are made special by the exquisite designs that revive Scottish culture and heritage, bringing a piece of history right into your daily rituals. The layout reflects the red Scottish lion, a Christian cross, completed by the circle of life and a piper, dressed in traditional clothing and playing the bagpipes. But nothing says “Scotland” more than the thistle, which represents the national flower of Scotland, being a special symbol for the country for over 500 years. Beautifully represented on our product, the thistle carries the stories of vikings, battles and blood-shedding, which marked the construction of the Scottish nation. Accompanied by lovely and vivid shades of red, blue, green and yellow, the thistle thrives on our design, marking a spark of Scottish symbolistic, brought right into your home.