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Shamrock Oval Platter

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  • Hand-painted - the Oval plate has incredible carefully crafted and unique hand paintings that give it a distinctive, catchy look with an Irish touch. Master artist crafted the beautiful Shamrock detailing
  • Basketweave edge - the embossed designs on the platter is a reflection of traditional Irish wickerwork patterns, embracing the age-old rich Irish cultures and traditions, giving the plate an original, authentic look
  • Hand wash recommended- just like any other porcelain, the platter should be handled with care to prevent breakages and guarantee durability, that is why you should only hand-wash the plate after use
  • Standard platter dimensions- the platter measures 11 inches in length and 9.25 width, the perfect size to hold a sizable amount of food
  • Smooth porcelain center- the large, flat surface gives the platter a refined presentation, enough to carry a sizeable food serving for you and your guests


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Our impressive Shamrock Oval Platter has everything that screams perfection! Encircled by Belleek’s basketweave porcelain pattern, the platter is the best addition to the dinner or party table setting to enjoy sumptuous, well-presented meals with your friends and family. With a large, flat surface, it is perfect for displaying anything you care to cook, whether bite-size sandwiches or a healthy helping of mashed potatoes. Enjoy a perfectly presented meal with friends and family from our gorgeous Shamrock Oval Platter. The Shamrock detailing on the plate is hand-painted, adding a personal touch to an exquisite piece of Belleek China. What better way to present your meals to the guest, either family or friends, other than using a magnificent, outstanding, and beautifully crafted platters that will leave an impression! Meal times are usually times to share, merrymaking, and enjoying meals, and how you present your meals matters. Our Shamrock Oval Platter is the perfect way to serve your meals and offer it to your waiting guests. Our platter encompasses the basket weave pattern, which is one of Belleek's oldest and most famous porcelain designs. Inspired by wickets used in Irelands centuries, the basket weave pattern was first developed in the 1880s and has become a staple of their tableware collection, a common in many Irish homes. Belleek Pottery is known as the oldest and most famous porcelain pottery in Ireland. Belleek Pottery company is most famous for its porcelain designs, the most popular being the basket weave pattern, one of the oldest. Belleek has been producing sophisticated and refined china since 1849, with its production line getting better with time. Belleek designs and patterns are renown globally, for their authenticity and classy appearance. Our platter is suited for both exceptional dining experiences as well for everyday use. You can comfortably use the plate to serve your guests or family during the daily meals. You can surprise your friends or family with our amazing Shamrock Oval Platter, or add to your collection of dinner sets in your house. Just like any other product from the prestigious and reputable Belleek Pottery, our Shamrock Oval Platter has incredible patterns that make it unique and outstanding. Our Shamrock Oval Platter is suitable for a presentable dinner serving, either at a party or regular home dinner.  

Product Features We Adore

Hand-Painted Design

Beautiful shamrock detailing rendered by master artists

Basket Weave Edge

Embossed design reflecting traditional Irish wickerwork patterns

Smooth Porcelain Center

Large, flat surface for refined presentation

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