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Small Celtic Wall Cross IHS Center


■ Our Celtic wall cross is made from solid brass, a durable and corrosion-resistant material, ensuring long-lasting use.
■ Symbols of the Catholic faith, the decoration is shaped like a Celtic cross, with intricate Celtic Knotwork, and the Christogram IHS.
■ With dimensions of 5.5” x 3”, the wall decoration has a mounting hole on top for easy hanging on your wall.
■ This authentic wall cross decoration is meticulously manufactured in Ireland by Robert Emmet Company.
■ Complimented in a presentation box, this home accessory is a stylish gift option for various occasions.

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Solid brass-made wall cross, carrying spiritual abundance - the ideal ornament for your home!
Our Small Celtic Wall Cross is destined to be an eye-appealing decoration in your house or a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. The Christogram IHS in the middle of the cross is an ancient symbol which permeates Christian art all over the world, marking salvation and faith. Dating back to the ninth century, the Celtic cross has remained an Irish symbol of the Catholic faith, for people all over the world. Such a home accessory is timeless and it perfectly serves those who want to showcase their faith or their Irish heritage. It suits any room in the house, as it has a versatile character.

The mounting hole on the top of the cross makes it easy to set on your wall and the gift box assures an easy-packing experience for when you want to surprise the important people in your life with a charming present. The high-quality materials used to craft this cross will keep it durable and preserve its beauty even after many years.