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Trinity Knot Panel

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  • Our Trinity Knot Panel comes straight from our friends at Royal Tara, one of Ireland’s most renowned fine china and giftware producers.
  • Our Trinity Knot Panel is the perfect housewarming gift, birthday or anniversary present, and looks great in any home or office.
  • The Trinity Knot has been an important cultural and historical symbol in Celtic culture for thousands of years, and still is to this day!
  • Each of our special Trinity Knot Panels is hand painted by specially trained artisans at Royal Tara at their company headquarters in Galway.
  • Enjoy free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States when you place your order for our wonderful Trinity Knot Panel.


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

Pay homage to your Celtic roots in a special, authentic style with our beautiful Trinity Knot Panel from Royal Tara. This gorgeous little treasure is 16 x 16 centimeters and looks like a miniature stained glass window from an ancient Irish church. Our Trinity Knot Panels are completely painted by hand by Royal Tara’s specially trained artisans, and includes an exquisite variety of colors including verdant green, shimmering gold, deep crimson, and a wonderful aqua blue lining the arched border of the piece. Our Trinity Knot Panel also includes a very sturdy chain so it will be easy to quickly open the package after it arrives at your door and hang it in any room in your home or office for your very own bit of Irish culture and history. Hung from a window, the rich colors adorning this piece begin to glow vibrantly as its illuminated by the sunlight, giving it an ethereal or spiritual feel that is hard to duplicate, especially for such a low price of just $22.99. If you are a lover of Irish culture, history, or artwork, then our Trinity Knot Panel is an absolute must have and we strongly encourage you to order yours today! As one of ShamrockGift’s more popular items, these sell fast and restocking them can take some time. For generations, the Trinity Knot has appeared on a variety of Celtic monuments, manuscripts, architecture, and metal work. Prior to St. Patrick’s arrival in Ireland in 432 AD, the Trinity Knot was used for many centuries by pagans as a sign of threefold events, people, places, or objects such as the seasons of life (birth, death, rebirth), the interconnectedness of humanity, the earth, and the heavens, and also the elements of earth, fire, and water. As the Christian church was formally introduced to the Irish during the fifth century, the symbol was popularly used to represent the holy trinity of the father, son, and holy spirit. It is found in many illuminated manuscripts produced by medieval monks. By the fifteenth century, the Trinity Knot was seen as an important cultural and political symbol that also found its way onto coins, weapons, and jewelry. Since the Celtic revival of the 19th century, the Trinity Knot has enjoyed a steadily growing presence once again in Celtic artwork and imagery, and we are especially proud to present it to you via our special Trinity Knot Panel. For over 50 years, Royal Tara has served as one of Ireland’s most beloved and renowned producers of fine bone china and exquisite giftware. Headquartered in Galway, Ireland’s “City of the Tribes,” the company takes its place within one of the island’s most successful and industrious economic centers that has existed since the 16th century. Although today Galway is largely considered a university city, its roots in craftsmanship and artistry pull visitors from across the globe who are curious about this wonderful place Royal Tara calls home. We are so excited to partner with Royal Tara for many of our giftware products, and our Trinity Knot Panel is no exception. We hope you won’t delay in ordering your Trinity Knot Panel as these are very popular items at ShamrockGift, and re-stocking them can sometimes take a bit of time! With an order today you will have your Trinity Knot Panel just in time to give as a special housewarming gift, anniversary or birthday present, or for any special occasion you can think of. There is no question that anyone who receives this wonderful Trinity Knot Panel will feel the blessings of the countless generations of Irish men and women who have also treasured having a Trinity Knot in their own homes.

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